Livre "specific management of the knee" en anglais (dans la limite des stocks disponibles)

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International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine-US seminars, textbooks, and DVD’s integrate science and clinical practice by providing evidence-based information in musculoskeletal management. This series of clinical texts presents detailed examination and diagnosis-specific management strategies for a selected joint system.
Chapters cover anatomy and biomechanics, surface anatomy, functional clinical examination, interpretation of the examination and pathology, soft tissue treatment, and joint specific manual therapy interventions. Applying information from these books will allow you to simplify your approach to treating hip pathology with a systematic method to evaluate and diagnose the problem.
Clinicians working with dancers, athletes, work compensation injuries and general outpatient orthopedics will find all of the information they need for successful patient outcomes. Become the expert in your community.

Illustrated. Softcover, 289 pages.

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